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There's an article about a cool art show in NYC, that I actually have a work in:…
Cyberpunk Warrior 4 Color Schemes by AdamRoush
Cyberpunk Warrior 4 Color Schemes
I'm working on another cyberpunk warrior, and these are just a few of the color schemes I've explored for this character [so far]. I looked into urban clothing for inspiration, using things like camo, flowery patterns, gold/ silver foil, primary colors, etc. Fun times. Some are entirely too chaotic and hard to follow, and others are easier to read, which is why it's a good idea to explore multiple design ideas before settling on one. Now to pick one...

You can find more stuff like this on my blogger,
Explosives Addict by AdamRoush
Explosives Addict
Sorcha, the explosives addict, and her kitties of doom!!! She's loves to blow stuff up. The bigger, the better. She may have accidentally blown off both her hands at an early age... and has been blowing stuff up ever since.

Created for a challenge on…
I tried out cel shading for a change, and I love the result. It was a lot of fun, very challenging, and I learned a lot. I kept her design along the lines of the cyberpunk warrior series that I'm doing, and cel shading it kept the bright colors intact.
Check out my blog if you're interested in additional updates.
Cyberpunk Warrior 3 by AdamRoush
Cyberpunk Warrior 3

Here's a new cyberpunk warrior design. Unlike the last two, she has robotic legs instead of arms. In reality, she wouldn't make a very good assassin, on account of the squeaky plastic materials and bright colors she's wearing. I spent a good chunk of time exploring the materials, like glossy plastics and metals. Pretty challenging, but fun to figure out. 

Unlike the last 2 designs, this one isn't that gaudy. I'm finding it's hard to force yourself to accept an absurd color scheme, even if that's the point of the design. The more insane the colors are, the less cool it looks. So it's hard to commit to and press on with something that's visually appalling. 

But, I'm going to do one more in this series, and I'm gonna try to turn the gaudiness up to 11.

Not really news, but check out our new game Darkfire Galaxies.
It's still in development, and we're making a ton of tweaks, but it's playable and pretty fun. If I do say so myself.

Otherwise, the car I bought a mere year and a half ago keeps falling apart. If I might recommend, never get a German/ British car. They pretty much just fall apart, especially when bought used with over 60k miles. I went with an 07 Mini Cooper S, which was a huge mistake. While fun, I could've gotten a significantly better car for the amount I've spent in repairs. Learning some lesson the really hard way.

Anyways, needed to get rid of that old journal.
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Adam Roush
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
works as a professional illustrator and animator at Blue Frog Gaming. specializes in illustration, animation, digital painting. versatile in many different styles. enjoys graphic/ industrial design, architecture, cars, golf, sleep, video games, films, perusing the internet, and music.



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I like your work, Oh and I play SFC a lot. nice to so someone from BFG on here.  Feel free to check out my art anytime I have some renderings of SFC that I have done, I am also developing a the SFC Video Game.
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