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Arijaak by AdamRoush
Arijaak, a spunky, rebellious, supportive, and tidy cat/dog hybrid anthro character I'm designing for a personal project. I originally created this character back in high school, some 12 years ago now, and she was tremendously lame. She was this sort of shy and timid character, because... I have no idea why. But I want this version to be more fun, have an actual personality, and be able to be drawn in cooler ways. And I want to do more character exploration stuff.

I did some expressions for her back in December:
 Arijaak Essential Expressions by AdamRoush
Tara 2 by AdamRoush
Tara 2
Tara, a character I’m developing for a personal project. She’s cocky and aggressive, messy and impulsive, hates confinement and losing, and has robotic arms. 
This is a redesign of an older character. This personal project: I have no ideas of where I want to take it or what I want to do with it, but for now it's fun just to design some characters.

Here's the older version of this character:
 Tara by AdamRoush
Arijaak Essential Expressions by AdamRoush
Arijaak Essential Expressions
I know this is kind of an old meme, but I wanted to make one anyways. I'm redesigning an old character to be more well-defined, starting with a whole bunch of expressions. I'm just focusing on front-facing ones for now, but I want to do a lot more to develop this character, like poses and lots of extra expressions. It's been a ton of fun to work on so far :D. Looking forward to doing more.
Angel of Despair by AdamRoush
Angel of Despair
The Angel of Despair absorbs the souls of the hopeless and traps them within himself. Most hopelessly give up, but a few try futile attempts to tear him apart to escape.

It was fun to work on this one, and mixing cel shading with painting to give it more depth and dimension. The design took a while to get to a place that I liked, and the rendering took forever. The bloody hands especially took a while to get right, just trying to get them to look right. But I'm pretty happy with this piece.
Mantis by AdamRoush

Cyberpunk warrior #5, Mantis. She doesn’t have arms, but rather a hovering set of robotic arms that follows her chaotic and destructive self around.

I struggled a lot with this one, but I like the outcome.
Not really news, but check out our new game Darkfire Galaxies.
It's still in development, and we're making a ton of tweaks, but it's playable and pretty fun. If I do say so myself.

Otherwise, the car I bought a mere year and a half ago keeps falling apart. If I might recommend, never get a German/ British car. They pretty much just fall apart, especially when bought used with over 60k miles. I went with an 07 Mini Cooper S, which was a huge mistake. While fun, I could've gotten a significantly better car for the amount I've spent in repairs. Learning some lesson the really hard way.

Anyways, needed to get rid of that old journal.
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Adam Roush
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
works as a professional illustrator and animator at Blue Frog Gaming. specializes in illustration, animation, digital painting. versatile in many different styles. enjoys graphic/ industrial design, architecture, cars, golf, sleep, video games, films, perusing the internet, and music.



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